Jio, Airtel Collaborating With Google To Use Light Beams For Internet

jioairtel collaborating with google

Google is collaborating with Jio and Airtel, the top telecom companies in India, to bring the internet via light beams. The technology is a part of Project Taara, which uses light as an invisible beam to transmit high-speed data through the air. The ambitious plan called Project X aims to provide fiber-like speeds but without actual fiber and only light beams.

The Project X technology uses light beams instead of traditional radio waves between transmitters and receivers attached to servers placed on high structures. Through this technology, the internet speeds could reach up to 20 Gbps, which is significantly higher than the speeds we get via mobile towers using 4G and even 5G. Having internet connectivity across buildings without cables can indeed be a game-changer. At present, the cost of digging fiber into the ground and reaching every household is a costly and tiring process.

Project Taara is in the pilot phase and has been introduced first in Andhra Pradesh in India and Kenya in Africa. Google’s Project X team is already in talks with telcos, ISPs, and governments worldwide for the potential for wireless optical communication technology and significantly accelerate the deployment of the cost-effective, extensive, high-throughput networks necessary to support the future of the web.

The system can be useful in areas that are difficult to connect using fiber cables, like forests, hilly areas, railway tracks, or land with high real estate costs. A single beam can cover distances up to 20 Km and be used to extend fiber networks. The project can be a cost-effective and quickly deployable way to bring high-speed connectivity to remote areas.