Huawei launches its Harmony OS 2.0 for a range of devices

huawei launches its harmony os 2

After Huawei was forced to stop using Google Mobile Services, it decided to make its own OS to rival Android. And now progressing upon that, the company has revamped its Harmony OS and has made it available to more devices, including tablets and other IoT devices. The company plans to update a massive list of 100 different models running Android to Harmony OS over the next year.

As per the announcement, Huawei has two different versions of its new Harmony OS. The high-end version of the harmony OS is aimed at smartphone tablets and uses the same Linux kernel as Android. This will also help Huawei to upgrade its current smartphone running Android with Harmony OS. There is another toned-down version of Harmony OS for the smartwatch and other IoT products.

However, Huawei has denied any speculation that HarmonyOS is derived from Android and said no single line of code matches that of Android. “The user experience of HarmonyOS has surpassed the experience of the Android era. We solved issues such as the slowing down and lagging of devices over time in the Android era,” said Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei’s consumer unit, in the product launch event.

Making the Harmony OS popular is an uphill task, as people want app compatibility too. Recently, OnePlus has also shown its interest in adopting Harmony OS for their phones launched in China. Huawei said that over 120,000 apps are now on its app store and using Huawei Mobile Services.