Retailers in India are coming up with new collaborative strategies to increase footfalls

retailers india collaborative strategies footfalls

Retailers in India are now going back to the board to redraw strategies to bring back customers to spend more time in malls and stores. Companies that own unique brands are now forming a collaboration to have stores in which both the brands will be available to the consumers. For example, popular Indian brands like Hidesign and Fabindia are setting their collaboration store in Pondy Bazaar Chennai. Other mainstream brands are also trying their best to leverage this strategy to set up stores for buyers to shop comfortably. Hidesign and Fabindia have stated that they believe customers who are mutual buyers of both the brand swill benefit greatly from the new arrangement, and the move makes sense as the customers can easily shop from one place.

Hidesign's Founder and President, Dilip Kapur, has stated that working together not only increases the footfall but also helps to occupy larger properties at better rates. As of now, Hidesign is all set to open three new stores by collaborating with Fabindia. Based on these stores' success levels, the companies will go ahead and open more such collaborative stores. In light of the current situation, popular fashion brand Benetton India is also gearing up to launch its own online stores.