Samsung will soon equip Smartphones with 600MP camera sensors

samsung to equip 600mp camera sensors

Samsung is taking its megapixel war in smartphones to another level. Last year, it brought a 108-megapixel ISOCELL mobile camera sensor that is already seen on a couple of smartphones.Now, according to a famous leakster, Ice Universe, Samsung in the advanced stages of developing a camera sensor that can capture more than the human eye. It is working on a new 600 Megapixel sensor. 

According to the leaked slide, which reveals a lot of information around the project, the massive new sensor could allow zooming in on 4K and 8K videos while retaining video quality. This would also mean a single big sensor could do everything. However, the module would occupy as big as 12% of the smartphone’srear- panel and about a 22-mm protruding bump on the phone. The sensor size could reach up to 1 inch. On the software part, too, the sensor would render very big files in terms of photos and videos. Samsung may have to find a way to reduce the overall camera bump, which it can surely do in future iterations.

The human eye is supposed to have 576 Megapixels. Going by the fact, a 600 MP will surely be overkill. But Samsung wants to keep no stone unturned in reaching the limits of innovation. While Software giants like Google and Apple have shown impressive results with just 12 Megapixel sensors to date but with their groundbreaking software and AI tech. Samsung depends on its hardware capabilities. It remains to see when Samsung makes this innovative tech available to the consumers.