Huawei Soon Implementing Liquid-Lens Technology For Its Cameras

huawei implementing liquid lens technology for smartphones

Huawei always comes up with innovative tech solutions for its Flagships every year. The recent controversies and sanctions have still not stopped the telecom leader from innovating. This time, it has gone leaps and bounds to implement a liquid lens technology into its flagship cameras. The liquid lens functions like the human eye and focuses on an object within milliseconds.

Liquid lenses are small, mechanically or electrically controlled cells containing optical-grade liquid. The shape of the cell changes in accordance with the current or voltage applied to the liquid lens cell. This change occurs within milliseconds and changes the optical power and focal length and working distance to shift.

According to the reports, it is based on an unspecified type of liquid that changes shape in response to changes in the voltage acting on it. This allows to bring focus latencies down to the millisecond range, or closer to that of the human eye. The fast lens will be primarily used as a zoom lens.

Famous leaker Digital Chat Station reported that these "liquid lenses" are to be first paired with the upcoming Sony IMX782 sensor. It could also feature in the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro as a telephoto camera. Apart from this, Huawei's own flagship, Huawei's P50, is also expected to launch in the first quarter of 2021, which will come with the latest Kirin 9000 processor and use this liquid lens technology. It will be interesting to see if this technology will become common among smartphone makers soon.