Eros Now’s Data Science team will now leverage Google Cloud to automate subtitling for movies and other content

eros nowleverage google cloud

Eros Now, a popular subscription-based video streaming services company, has recently made an announcement that it will be collaborating with Google Cloud. The streaming company is looking forward to making use of Google’s Artificial Intelligence capabilities to stream its content with automated subtitles. The latest AI-powered feature is expected to feature Arabic first, followed by other languages. Eros Now has stated that its new feature will cater to its Arab audiences who follow Indian cinema and media. Eros Now has also made it clear how the company expects to use cutting-edge technology to deliver excellent streaming services.

In Eros Now’s official press release, it was mentioned that the AI framework would make use of the massive existing data along with the simulation from the company’s in-house Data Science team to develop and train a cutting-edge solution that is on par with the human level. The solution will also focus on helping the company generate subtitles for desired languages across various movies and media content. The company is sure that this move will help in driving the engagement level, and it is expected to open new possibilities in text automation. Eros Now has also pointed out that the solution will soon start working for other languages and various genres.