International Data Corporation’s report suggests that healthcare providers in Asia will now spend more on IT

international data corporation healthcare providers

The latest report from International Data Corporation (IDC), a popular market research company, shows that over 45 percent of healthcare companies in the Asia Pacific region are now planning to increase their IT expenditure for the new normal. This move is beneficial for both the healthcare providers as well as technology providers because they can now understand the potential of investing in the core areas as soon as possible. The report from IDC was named 'India Healthcare Sector: Defining the Path Ahead,' and it deals with how the COVID outbreak proved to be a test of resiliency for the healthcare sector.

The healthcare segment in India managed to survive the drastic impact created by the pandemic, and it is now all set to increase its resiliency through technology. The first part that is expected to receive an update is accessibility. As a result of these efforts, telemedicine has become a forerunner in providing care for the remote-patients. The ongoing pandemic has significantly boosted the country's digital transformation efforts, and access to care was also improved. The research manager at IDC, Manoj Vallikkat, has stated that it is very clear that healthcare spending is increasing for the providers, particularly for IoT and AI technologies.