Huma Therapeutics Raises $130M, To Expand in Asia and the Middle East

huma therapeutics series c

Huma Therapeutics has announced that it has raised approximately $130 million in investment. The Series C funding round was led by Leaps by Bayer and Hitachi Ventures. Samsung Next, Sony Innovation Fund by IGV*, Unilever Ventures and HAT Technology & Innovation Fund by HAT, as well as individuals Nikesh Arora (former president of SoftBank) and Michael Diekmann (Chairman of Allianz) also participated in the round.

The investment will help the firm scale its modular platform that can power digital 'hospitals at home' nationally, and support the pharmaceutical and research industries to run the largest ever decentralized clinical trials. The platform can combine algorithms, digital biomarkers and real-world data to advance proactive care and research.

“This is a pivotal moment in Huma's development. We have exceptional partners and strategic investors who will support us in our mission to help people worldwide live longer and fuller lives. We're already demonstrating how 'hospital at home' can transform healthcare, and how decentralized clinical trials can advance research in ways that weren't imaginable even one year ago. Now we want to accelerate the pace of change and continue to innovate for better care and research worldwide,” said Dan Vahdat, Founder and CEO of Huma.

Huma has built a great reputation for itself having worked with four national governments, including England, Wales, Germany, and UAE. The fresh investment will be used by Huma to expand its digital platform in the US, Asia and the Middle East.