Network18 Group Chooses Grabyo as Its Cloud Partner

grabyo is network18 cloud partner

Media giant Network18 Group has selected Grabyo as its cloud partner. The partnership will help Network18 Group move its massive digital video production process to the cloud. The move will help the media group evolve the way it produces and delivers digital news content and streamline its production workflows.

As part of this partnership, Network18 is leveraging Grabyo's tools to deliver real-time, high-quality news content and position its social channels as primary destinations for news. Grabyo's platform will be used by Network18's digital news teams to edit and distribute video content from its large broadcast news channel feeds using just a laptop or PC.

"It's a transformative time for media services in India and Network18 continues to expand and optimize its approach to audiences consuming content on multiple platforms," said Elliot Renton, EVP & Head of Asia Pacific at Grabyo. "With the growth of full-scale simultaneous online streaming by television stations and the rapid increase in live production and online distribution of video content in India, we are excited to deliver the benefits of our cloud technology to Network 18."

The partnership is especially important in the pandemic scenario as Grabyo's cloud platform will allow Network18's content teams to work entirely remotely and collaborate on content from anywhere in the world.