You have a smartphone, but do you have a smart bluetooth connecting technology?

you have a smartphone but do you have a smart bluetooth connecting technology

Vincent Nallatamby, the young CEO has initiated to make one such software which can be helpful when it comes to connect your smartphone with Bluetooth speakers. Keep your eyes on Tempow, a French startup that is going to revamp the whole idea of connecting smartphones with bluetooth speakers.

Bluetooth enabled speakers have brought in many party freakers together or music lovers under one roof, but sometimes listening from one speaker is not enough. Tempow is going to augment a fresh bluetooth system that shall enable users to play music from their phone on multiple speakers and headphones as well.

The manufacturers are going to replace the bluetooth driver on the smartphone so that one can direct music to multiple bluetooth devices at one time itself. It is going to work with all standard bluetooth chipsets and all bluetooth audio devices present in the market. But by market it means, android market: it will work only on android gadgets as it is based on low-level modifications and has not yet created to meet the needs of iphone.

Once the pairing is done, one can quite easily activate them one by one and enable the stereo system by differentiating left and right speakers and adjust the volume accordingly.