Walmart Brings out New Services with Personal Shoppers and Computer Cashiers

walmart releases new services

Walmart is testing a brand new pair of services. A new Walmart subsidiary, called Code Eight, along with Walmart’s Store No. 8 will be a big part of the new services. With Code Eight, Walmart is bringing out a personal shopping service for the super-busy NYC moms. With Store No. 8, Walmart’s service will extend to replacing human cashiers with computers.

The Personal Shopper

This service is believed to have a “high net worth urban consumer.” They are the ones who use text messages to get recommendations and make purchases. These users can simply send a photo to show what they want or send texts and they'll get typical household items in 24 hours. Anything else will be delivered within 2 business days. There would eventually be a membership fee, although testers are using it at no cost.

Project Kelper

Walmart’s other aim is to make the supermarkets a place of less human interaction! Reports suggest that Walmart is cutting its cashier staff and replacing them with computer vision and other technologies. This is very similar to Amazon Go. Reports also say that Walmart may make use of Amazon’s cameras and sensors to automatically bill the user when he pulls an item off the shelf.