Voyomotive launches its Data Analytics GateWay Program

voyomotive data analytics gateway program

Voyomotive is a company that is known for top-class and advanced connected car technology. The company is rolling out Data Analytics GateWay program. The program is targeted at industry partners to develop new applications while using telematics data acquired from a wide range of vehicle models.

Voyomotive has been a leading line of proprietary hardware, software, and cloud-based services. The new data analytics program is scalable and designed to facilitate a Partner's development process. Here the process includes everything from research to commercialization.

“The Voyomotive platform provides a robust capability to acquire telematics data but is also highly adaptable and can be programmed to a Partner's unique requirement. GateWay provides developers with an efficient, cost-effective pathway to invent, develop and commercialize their applications,” said CEO of Voyomotive, Peter Yorke.

As partners of the GateWay program, companies have access to all those data that is typically unavailable from OEM or aftermarket telematics systems. The data from the GateWay program will include vehicle health, driver behavior, weather conditions, and activation of key safety systems. The partners in the program will also have access to Voyomotive telematics controllers in order to field test their applications.