Venzee brings out ‘Mesh’ for Blockchain Networks

venzee mesh for blockchain

Venzee is announcing the release of ‘Mesh’. A first of its kind, Mesh is a middleware solution that allows businesses to easily connect enterprise solutions with blockchain networks along with apps that are used every day. Mesh is capable of validating, transforming, and also filtering data before it reached the blockchain network, said Venzee.

For all those who are unfamiliar with Venzee, it provides a leading retail and supply chain SaaS platform. The company was established in 2014 to ease e-commerce retailers to share their product information and other updates without much difficulty. With Venzee’s technology, it could seamless streamline product information with AI which is easily shared without any delay.

“Blockchain is poised to be the most disruptive force in business in generations - it establishes a new level of trust, accountability, and transparency in any kind of electronic transaction,” said Kate Hiscox, CEO of Venzee.

The framework of Mesh has three distinct divisional layers. This comprises a staging area. Importing, merging, and validating of data takes place here. This is followed by a smart contract that transforms data to fir the requirement. And lastly, the final deployment stage where custom failsafe checks are done to prevent incorrect or sensitive data going into the blockchain.

“With the launch of Mesh, we are able to make data exchange for blockchain networks fast, easy and reliable for any industry,” added Hiscox.