Tencent integrates the advanced AI Cloud computing technology of NVIDIA Tesla

tencent integrates the advanced ai cloud computing technology of nvidia tesla

The GPU- accelerated computing is the use of Graphics Processing unit along with a CPU to accelerate deep learning, analytics as well as engineering aspects. And NVIDIA Tesla is known as the technical giant in the GPU technology for a very long time.  Recently NVIDIA Tesla has been taken up by the Tencent cloud to integrate the NVIDIA’s GPU computing and deep learning platform into its public cloud computing platform.

Tesla’s decision to integrate with NVIDIA for AI cloud computing is expected to bring many new services to the users.  Based on the Pascal architecture, Tesla P100 and P40 GPU accelerators are integrated with NVIDIA NVLINK technology for connecting multiple GPUs and to make use of the NVIDIA deep learning software.

NVIDIA’s AI computing technology is used worldwide by cloud service providers, enterprises, startups and research organizations for a wide range of applications.  Together with NVIDIA, Tencent is planning to reach more users in China, with advanced technologies in AI. “Tencent Cloud GPU offerings with NVIDIA’s deep learning platform will help companies in China rapidly integrate AI capabilities into their products and services,” said Sam Xie, vice president of Tencent Cloud. “Our customers will gain greater computing flexibility and power, giving them a powerful competitive advantage.”

Ian Buck, who is the general manager of the Accelerated computing at NVIDIA, is very optimistic about the cooperation between the two firms.  Already many companies around the world are harnessing their data with the NVIDIA’s AI computing technology to create breakthrough products and services.   With Tencent, more companies will get access to NVIDIA’s deep learning platform, the world’s most broadly adopted AI platform.