Just Kids plan from Verizon offers plenty with parental control

verizon just kids plan

Branded as the ‘first smartphone plan designed for kids,’ Verizon is rolling out the Just Kids plan. Your kids get unlimited talk, texts, and include 5GB of monthly data. Importantly, there’s a parental control option that allows you to approve the contacts with whom the kids interact. The plan starts at $55 per month and Verizon gives you the option to bundle it with the Smart Family Premium.

However, the telecom giant didn’t go into detail about the age group of the kids the plan is meant for. In a statement, Verizon said: “the decision of when to get a child their first phone is up to parents and varies family to family. Our role is to make sure we’ve got products and services to meet their needs when parents feel they are ready.”

Control, control

Parental control is quite an important criterion when you get a phone for your kids. But the real question is, do you need a separate network plan for controlling or can you just make do with the parental control option from Android and iPhone?

Maybe this is exactly why Verizon is tying Just Kids with Smart Family Premium. Once the plans are merged, parents can track location, place content filters, and set screen time limits. Also, once the 5GB data limit is done, the Just Kids plan switches to a ‘safety mode’ that runs the data at lower speeds at no extra cost.