Samsung reveals vision for 6G, upcoming features announced

samsung reveals vision for 6g

It is already mid-2020, telecommunication giants and network equipment providers are working hard to roll-out 5G worldwide. Many countries are yet to experience 5G and Samsung has just released its roadmap for 6G. According to Samsung, the earliest commercialization of 6G could be as early as 2028, while mass commercialization could take up to 2030.

Samsung said, both humans and machines will use 6G, and it will bring truly immersive XR, mobile holograms and digital replicas. It will provide download speeds of 1Gbps and latency under ten milliseconds. While 5G allows a theoretical speed of 20Gbps, the 6G standard laid by Samsung, can provide a data rate of 1Gbps.

Sunghyun Choi, Head of Advanced Communications Research Center, said his team has already launched the R&D of 6G technologies and is committed to lead the standardization of 6G in collaboration with stakeholders across industry, academia, and government fields.

Samsung said, “Taking into account the trend of speeding up of the development of technical standards for each new generation, we expect that the completion of the 6G standard and its earliest commercialization could happen as early as 2028, while massive commercialization may occur around 2030.”

The 6G is designed to work on a whole new band of terahertz (THz) frequency band, new antenna solutions, advanced duplex technologies, better network topology, and also AI in network enhancements.