Huawei plans to open its first 5G factory in France

huawei open 5g factory france

Huawei will open its first European 5G manufacturing plant in France. Back in May 2019, the US banned the use of Huawei’s networking equipment. With the new factory, the Chinese telecom giant seeks to address the worldwide concerns caused by the US ban and recover its reputation.

The chairman of Huawei, Liang Hua said that the telecom giant has planned to invest 200 million euros in the first phase of setting up the plant, which would create 500 jobs.

In a press conference, Liang said: “This site will supply the entire European market, not just France’s. Our group’s activities are worldwide and for this, we need a global industrial footprint.”

The entire telecom industry is gearing up to welcome 5G, the next generation of mobile technology and upscaling its business to support the production of 5G enabled devices.

5G technology is expected to bring a huge transformation in the speed and capacity of communications and rapid growth in connections between the billions of devices, from smart fridges to driverless cars, that will all expectedly run on 5G networks.

Liang said Huawei had intimated the group’s plan’s to the French government and said: “This is not a charm offensive.”