DoT will now impose a fine of up to Rs 10k for SMS senders who dupe users

dupe users impose fine senders

India’s Department of Telecommunications (DoT) made an announcement that it will start imposing fines up to Rs 10,000 per violation and also permanently suspend resources for commercial SMS senders who send messages with malicious intent to customers. According to the notice issued by DoT, any sender who is trying to dupe the customer with a misleading title will be fined from Rs 1,000 to Rs 10,000 per violation; moreover, the sender’s mobile number and ID will also be suspended based on the number of violations.

DoT has issued a notification that DIU will be created at the center, and TAFCOP will be set up in service area fields. Both the units from the center and TAFCOP will work together with various government departments to detect fraudulent activities, identify fake SIM cards with no proper IDs, respond to user complaints, detect numbers with suspicious activities, etc. and make sure that all the grievances of the customers are attended in a timely manner. DoT stated that it would provide a platform to coordinate with TSPs, Financial Institutions, and Law Enforcement agencies to prevent misuse of telecom resources. Data will be collected from all the telecom subscribers from all service providers to detect abnormal patterns and suspicious activities.