China’s 5G operations disrupted due to coronavirus outbreak

china 5g operations disrupted coronavirus

The outbreak of coronavirus has severely affected many countries across the world with everything from health to business being impacted. The virus has disrupted the operations and hampered the execution of plans which, as a result, has delayed the release of products in many countries. And similar is the situation with China’s plans about the release of 5G technology.

China’s plans to roll out the 5G telecom networks are being delayed keeping in view the prevailing situation in the country due to the coronavirus.

Since January 31, tenders for six big projects have been postponed which include an industrial internet project in Guangdong province, a hospital-related project in Jiangxi province, and a police-related project in Gansu province.

Also, two leading providers of crucial fiber optic cables have headquarters in Wuhan city which is the epicenter of the outbreak and is presently under lockdown.

Like other companies in China, telecom equipment firms and network providers are facing a tough time as travel restrictions have caused staff shortages and hindered the transportation of goods.

One of the two top fiber optic cable makers, Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Ltd Co, based in Wuhan, said that it would rely on its plants located in other parts of China to maintain production.