Target opens a new store in Richmond which has two entrances

target store in richmond

Target divulged its first “next generation” in the Houston area which is part of a multibillion dollar effort to bring in more than 1000 stores nationwide to challenge e-commerce giants. Earlier this week, at Aliana market center in Richmond, Target opened 124,000-square-foot store which has two distinct entrances which intends to appeal to consumers on both ends of the shopping spectrum.

This store gives you a supermarket-style experience. Customers are free to pick up online orders like groceries, wine, end minute gifts, cleaning supplies and prepared meals both in store and curbside.

Wanna know how the new store looks?

Target's first next-generation store in the country - features the most ambitious brick-and-mortar retail design to date, Wolford said.

The store has a modern aesthetic with polished gray concrete floors, natural wood accents and windows that let in natural light. It also features an airier layout with lower aisles, smaller signage and LED lights that dim automatically to be more energy efficient.

"We wanted to tailor the experience to what shoppers are looking for," store manager Shannon Wolford said.

In the department store side you can find starbucks with outdoor seating. Shoppers are invited to wander through brightly lit sections with names like TrendSpot, Kitchen World and Wondershop that showcase popular goods such as apparel, cookware and seasonal decor.