T-Mobile is offering a buy-one, get-one-free for Samsung Note 8

t mobile is offering a buy one get one free for samsung note 8

T-Mobile does it again! The mobile giant has come up with another offer to blow away users’ mind. The big launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 grabbed everyone’s attention. The phone is priced at around $930. But T-Mobile has come up with an offer, where you buy a Note 8 and get another Note 8 for absolutely free. Or maybe not!

Of course, T-Mobile wouldn’t just give away Note 8s for free now, would it? There are a few glitches and set of requirements to qualify for the deal. Here’s a list of things you need to do for the above offer. First off, one has got to pre-order two Galaxy Note 8s from T-Mobile through its equipment installment plan. The plan demands $210 for each plan, adding up to $420 for both.

Next, the user needs to sign up for a new line of service to activate on the second device. This ensures and qualifies you to receive a rebate for the cost of the second device. Simply put, this means that you will still need to pay for the entire thing but you will get a check refunding the cost at a later date. Basically, it will cost about $30 a month and this plan will make you owe to T-Mobile for 2 years or 24 months.

And there’s no running away or turning back. T-Mobile has also announced that early cancellation will result in you getting billed the full price of the second phone. T-Mobile has indeed made things quite clear!

But speaking of practicalities, let’s say you and your friend are planning on buying the Note 8 and he’s willing to sign up for the T-Mobile plan, the discount deal might just work. And the discount we’re talking about here is around $930!