BarraCuda SATA SSDs enters the fray

seagate barracuda new storage

Seagate is coming back to the mass consumer market with introducing its brand new product BarraCuda SATA SSDs. The flash-based drive will soon be available in storage variants 250GB, 500GB, 1 TB and 2 TB. The SATA SSDs will be available for PCs and Macs. BarraCuda’s 2 TB variant is expected to be launched later this year.

It has been some time since Seagate has come out with a consumer product targeted at the masses. The new BarraCuda SATA SSDs gives Seagate the opportunity to bring their A-game into the lucrative storage market. The drive is maximized for great performance and is armed with flash speed up to 560MB/s and 90K IOPs that accelerates boost time, file transfers and application loading.

The 250 GB variant is priced at $74.99, 500 GB variant comes at $119.99 and 1 TB option is priced at $229.99. The new BarraCuda SATA SSDs comes with a 5-year warranty and 24-hour global technical support. The device also works in low-power mode to support low power consumption. Seagate’s new storage SSDs will be made available in limited numbers on Amazon Prime on July 16 and 17 before becoming available in larger numbers later on.