Store beyond limits with Samsung’s Pro Endurance MicroSD card

samsung pro endurance card

Samsung has launched a new microSD card called Pro Endurance card. Now we’ve all used microSD cards on our smartphones. But ever wondered the requirement for a large amount of data collected from your home security devices or your dash cam?

These videos record non-stop and can take a toll on normal memory cards as these aren’t designed and developed for continuous recording. But that’s not going to be a problem for the new Pro Endurance card. Reports suggest that the microSD card can handle nearly 25 times more than other cards.

This means that it can endure till 43,800 hours of 1080p video recording on a 128GB model. In other words, the microSD card can take in data continuous stored for five years. Yes, five years! Apart from the massive amount of storage capacity of these SD cards, it is also resistant to water, temperature, magnet, and X-ray.

The microSD cards also come with a full-size SD card adapter for large format requirements in cameras and card reader. Currently, Samsung has priced $25 for 32 GB, $45 for 64 GB, and $90 for 128 GB for the Pro Endurance cards. Considering long-term investments, it’s a good catch!