Samsung starts mass producing the latest eUFS 3.1 storage modules

samsung mass production eufs 3

Samsung Electronics, the world leader in storage technology, today announced that it has started mass producing the industry’s first 512-gigabyte (GB) eUFS (embedded Universal Flash Storage) 3.1 for use in flagship smartphones. With this, Samsung breaks the 1GB/s performance threshold in smartphone storage. It can deliver three times the write speed of the previous generation 512GB eUFS 3.0 mobile memory.

“With our introduction of the fastest mobile storage, smartphone users will no longer have to worry about the bottleneck they face with conventional storage cards,” said Cheol Choi, executive vice president of Memory Sales & Marketing at Samsung Electronics. “The new eUFS 3.1 reflects our continuing commitment to supporting the rapidly increasing demands from global smartphone makers this year.”

Last year, Samsung had introduced the popular eUFS3.0 storage used by the flagships last year. It could reach only up to 410 MB/s in sequential write, while the newer eUFS3.1 can reach up to 1200MB/s which is a 3X improvement over the previous generation. This year’s flagships are having the 8K video recording capability, which require significantly faster storage. Also, it will improve the overall performance of smartphones.

The sequential read speed remains the same as the previous generation at 2100MB/s, but random read speed has improved from 63,000 IOPS to 100,000 IOPS. Random write speed also improves by 1.03X as it supports 70,000 IOPS compared to 68,000 IOPS from the previous generation.

According to Samsung, 100GB will take only a minute to get transferred to the new eUFS3.1 storage, while eUFS3.0 takes around four minutes for the same data transfer.