Render rolls out object storage on its cloud platform

render launches object storage

Render markets itself as the “Easiest cloud for all your apps and websites.” Now, the company has announced that it will be offering object storage for its customers to make their cloud experience even easier.

Announcing the development at TechCrunch Disrupt, Anurag Goel, the CEO of Render said: “One of the things that our users want us to do next is to build out object storage. Even though they can use things like Amazon S3 and other cloud storage options, they know that Render is going to be easier for them to use. So they really want object storage, and they want everything in one place.”

By offering object storage the managed cloud platform has made it easier for its customers to add storage. Now, they won’t have to worry about the hassle of adding storage from other services like AWS and Azure. Render Disk will strip away all the tasks associated with adding storage and manage storage requirements by itself.

Also, the company has also rolled out a one-click launch for its customers which will help the customers open their applications with a single click from GitHub to load all the requisite files.