Kickstarter Gnarbox 2.0 offers on-the-go file upload with 1 TB hard-drive

kickstarter gnarbox 2 0 harddrive

Kickstarter is offering a new portable hard drive where users can backup files faster. Kickstarter is designed for those who wish to skip waiting for long periods to upload or transfer their large videos and photo files to their computers. Kickstarter offers a faster on-the-go file uploading service that allows users to transfer photos right after clicking them.

But the interesting part is that the company is suggesting to its users to put away the laptops. Let’s say you’re going for an outdoor photo shoot, you simply carry the Kickstarter hard drive and transfer the photos. The company also suggests the users to use its mobile app for editing the photos or videos and then upload them with Dropbox.

Technically, the Kickstarter is for a device called the Gnarbox 2.0. With the Gnarbox 2.0, you can insert your SD card directly into the hard drive and equip it as an additional backup. As the name suggests, the Gnarbox 2.0 is an upgrade from the previous Gnarbox 1.0. The Gnarbox 2.0 comes with 1TB of storage and is compatible with Samsung Galaxy phones from S6 to the latest S9. Additionally, it also runs on Google Pixel, and most Apple devices.