Get Google Drive’s offline storage mode on Chrome

google drive chrome offline

Have you experienced that moment when you’re on the road and you need to access a file from cloud storage, but with slow internet connections, you simply can’t? Cloud computing offers you anytime-anywhere accessibility, but still, there are times when you can’t reach a file. This is why Google Drive has come up with offline mode storage for PDFs, images, and also Microsoft Office files.

Earlier, you could use Google Drive’s offline mode to save Documents, Slides, and Spreadsheets from Google. The new offline capability extends to other files which aren’t from the Google family. Currently in beta testing, interested applicants can mark their files (non-Google ones) for offline access. However, G Suite users are the only ones who can be a part of the beta testing.

Plus, you’ll also need to be a Chrome browser user. Once you get the approval to test the feature, you can access the offline files only after you log in to the Drive or Docs. After this, you can start saving files offline.

At present, the feature isn’t running on Chrome OS, but Google plans on introducing it here also. Google also refrained from mentioning if the offline storage feature is coming to other browsers apart from Chrome. There might be a wider rollout in the future.