Ceph announces a foundation to support its open source community

ceph foundation was launched

Ceph, the free-distributed storage platform has announced the launch of The Ceph Foundation that aims to bring together industry participants to support its open source community. The Ceph Foundation will be hosted under the Linux Foundation.

The Ceph Foundation will be replacing the Ceph Advisory board which was formed in 2015. This foundation will focus on raising money from the industry members through annual membership fees. The fees collected from the combined pool of funds will go towards supporting the Ceph community.

Some of the largest cloud providers, organizations, and financial institutions like Bloomberg and Fidelity use Ceph’s storage technology. The new foundation will also provide the industry members a forum where they can come together to discuss “project status, development, and promotional activities, community events, and strategic direction” according to Ceph’s website. The announcement of the new foundation will not impact any of the existing Ceph projects.

The Governing Board of the new foundation will be appointed by those on the Ceph Leadership Team which heads the Ceph development. Ceph has said that 31 organizations have come together for the launch of the Ceph Foundation. Among these 31, 13 are premier members, 10 general members, and 8 associate members.