New EC2 virtual machines with NVMe Storage from AWS

aws c5d nvme

You can soon see and use a new kind of virtual machine from AWS. The striking part of the company’s growing list of EC2 options will have way faster throughput as it features local NVMe storage. The new virtual machines are called C5d instance and will be part of the computer-optimized C5 instances.

Apart from the local NVMe, the new systems come with perks of high-performance computing workloads, multiplayer gaming and video encoding, and real-time analytics. The systems carry huge potential, even better than the regular C5 instances.

Store away

The unique feature is the local storage. And since it’s attached to the machine itself, it’ll also stop when the instance is turned off. This intends that the NVMe is meant for storing and saving immediate files and not for long-term use.

The new systems are available across numerous locations in the US and Canada region of the AWS service. With all the perks that the C5d machines bring, it’s priced a little higher than the regular C5 machines. When compared, the C5d instances start at a price of $0.096 per hour for the most basic machine, while the C5 machines start at $0.085 per hour.