Apple offers free iCloud storage up to 5 GB

apple free icloud storage 5gb

Here comes a new scheme from Apple as it offers a month of free upgraded iCloud storage to non-paying users who have reached their 5 GB limit. Reports suggest that the scheme is restricted to Apple users who haven’t upgraded to a premium iCloud.

This isn’t a new scheme deployed by Apple to attract users into buying storage plans. Apple had previously introduced a family sharing pack with subscribed storage plans with 200 GB and 2 TB. It had also increased the free storage for schools to 200 GB.

Once the subscription is signed up for, the selected storage plan will automatically renew at its regular monthly fee once the trial period ends. If you do not wish to continue the service, users can choose to discontinue the services.


While Apple is luring its users with this offer, it makes one wonder about the choice available. Competitors like Google offer free photo storage. While Apple is developing high-end smartphones priced at $1000, shouldn’t the company be offering free backup storage up to a certain extent? While this is a good opportunity for the company to make quick bucks, it comes at the expense of a vastly worse user experience for its customers.