Still Long Way to go Ultimate Edition Linux

still long way to go ultimate edition linux

Although the latest version of ‘Ultimate Edition 5.4’ has been launched, Linux still has got a long way to go. The Ultimate Edition was aimed at bringing the best features of both Linux mint as well as that of Ubuntu. Though it is the perfect blend of both, it uses a different desktop version called as ‘Mate’, whereas Ubuntu crafted the Unity desktop and Linux Mint popularized the homegrown Cinnamon desktop.

 The Mate desktop environment is the continuation of Gnome2.  Though it varies in its appearances the functionality remains the same. MATE's design gives Ultimate Edition a classic old-school Linux appearance. If the goal is to offer a polished "ultimate" Linux OS, GNOME 2 forks do not fit the bill.

The most noted changes are made in its appearance with the prominent panel bar on the top of the screen with the menu icons in the left-right ends of the bar. The current arrangement is of 4 virtual desktops, which can be changed accordingly. The visual effect that brings in while switching the screens is also attractive. And it gives a single control panel which gives access to use any of the control menus.

You can also find a pop up window with some useful options like, changing the background and such other features.  The technology also makes use of the 3D technology in its display, and the single button upgrade facilities.

Along with all these features, it still has got some minor drawbacks which prove that there is still a longer way to go for the ultimate edition.