Singapore bans video chat app Zoom in schools

zoom is gaining negative popularity

Over Zoombombing attacks, Singapore has banned Zoom.  Teachers of the country are hit by the constant behavior of strangers joining conversations and shouting slogans, displaying disturbing images or messages.

Zoom has recently been a booming app as workers and students have to present their work from home. But this app has also disappointed many users as invaders have started interrupting conversations disturbing the users.

The recent attacks were while teachers were taking geography lessons right a day after Singapore shut schools as it re-introduced a partial lockdown to stop the spread of coronavirus.  

Singapore’s Ministry of Education taking the matter serious said that they might probe the matter and may file police complaints.

"We are already working with Zoom to enhance its security settings and make these security measures clear and easy to follow," said Aaron Loh, director of the ministry's Educational Technology Division.

Loh added, “As a precautionary measure, our teachers will suspend their use of Zoom until these security issues are ironed out.”

After observing series of interruptions, FBI warned users on the invaders and advised them to stop using this app.

 "We have been deeply upset by increasing reports of harassment on our platform and strongly condemn such behavior," a Zoom company spokesperson said in an emailed statement.