Volvo’s line of cars will soon be available online

volvo to sell cars online

These days you can buy almost anything online, from groceries to home theatre, but can you buy a car? Till date, there were hardly any examples of that sort but we will very soon witness one.

Yes! You heard that right, Volvo is coming up with an online buying service where you can buy their cars online. With customers increasingly using online service to buy anything and everything has influenced Volvo to launch a complete, end-to-end, vehicle purchasing service.

Volvo is not the only company who came up with this concept, earlier Volvo’s opponent Tesla offered this too, but Volvo strongly believes that its new premium service will be the most comprehensive, especially as it will offer a guaranteed part-exchange price and all finance options. 

How does the whole concept work?

Volvo’s motto is not being competitive; rather the company wants to reach out to retailers. When you create an account, you can search for some nearest dealers and they will be the concerned people with whom you will carry out the transaction.

Along with selecting a retailer, you can decide upon the financial option you opt for; while you can pay cash.

The next process would be to enter your license plate, as well as some other details, including the car's condition and the number of miles you do annually. We come to an important point now, if you want to buy a car directly from the factory then you will have to wait for a couple of months.

The service is already live in the UK which is confined to Volvo XC40 at present. If the service is a hit then it will spread across other regions too.