VMware is acquiring Bitnami

vmware acquiring bitnami

The software virtualization company VMware has announced that it is buying Bitnami. The combined forces of the company now plan to extend their offerings to more clouds and enterprises.

Bitnami is widely trusted in the developer community for its great software deliveries in a variety of formats. They have been enabling the swift deployment of software. The shared vision of VMware and Bitnami has now brought them together.

Bitnami has been looking to expand to help enterprises in production and was looking to raise money. VMware presented them with the opportunity. Bitnami will continue to develop and maintain its application catalog even after the acquisition and will look to increase its offerings additionally.

VMware wrote on its website: “After close, we will continue to offer Bitnami services to the end user directly and drive further adoption via our partner communities. By providing paths for developers to use supported versions of open source software packages, and enabling the “builder’s journey” across multiple clouds.”

Both the companies share a large number of customers including cloud service providers. VMware is serving as many as 500,000 customers globally and this customer base will help Bitnami reach to more customers.