Under Armour witnesses sea change post using Aptos services

under armour profited after using aptos

Under Armour, a sportswear retailer is now making over 7,000 transactions in just 3 days by using cutting-edge point of sale (POS) and mobile selling solutions. You must be wondering how this looks so easy for them. Aptos is the answer! With the help of Aptos ONE Store Commerce mobile selling application Armour unbelievably sold 47,000 items! Amazing! Isn’t it?

In July 2019, Under Armour hosted a three-day event where customers could buy Under Armour apparels, accessories, and footwear at a discounted price. A fast-paced event like this needed systems that could keep up the pace and that is when Under Armour adopted the patent-pending Aptos ONE platform.

"The state of retail in the age of digital transformation can be described in one word: Disrupted," said Nikki Baird, vice president of innovation at Aptos. "There are a few retailers out there that have embraced the disruption and are working to more closely embrace technology as a strategic part of how they enable customer experiences, but there are many more retailers who have not yet come to grips with the level of change required to survive, let alone thrive."

There are some brands that have seen quantum jump after digital transformation. To mention a few: Sephora, Lowe’s, Walmart, and Home Depot. Under Armour can now be added to the list.