Tobii’s software protects your computer screen from prying eyes

tobii privacy preserving software

Tobii has unveiled a new version for its Aware software which is capable of using the camera technology to enhance privacy for PC users. The software can now blur and lock your screen, among other things when you’re not using the computer.

To bring this service to PC users Tobii is combining the capabilities of Aware software with the Windows Hello camera. Using the Windows Hello Camera, Aware can enhance the privacy and security through user ID recognition and automatic presence detection to blur and lock screens.

In addition to this, the software improves user well-being by giving them insights about screen time and healthy computer usage.  The software can also help users save power and improve CPU performance with screens “that naturally dim and react to user presence.”

Lenovo is leading the application of the software. Lenovo’s Yoga A940 comes with the Tobii Aware attention-sensing software. David Henderk, Tobii’s Director of Product wrote on the company blog: “The new Lenovo Yoga A940 device includes everything that the next generation Tobii Aware has to offer today, in a sleek package targeted towards creatives. The new intuitive, attention-sensing, smart PC era is starting. Let the race to the humanization of technology begin!”