Tesla releases a major software update for its cars

tesla software update

Tesla has rolled out a big software update for its cars in the US. With this update, the Tesla cars will now have in-car karaoke and entertainment services like Netflix and Hulu.

The news of the software update has pushed Tesla shares upwards as they rose 6% yesterday. 

The new update is called Version 10 upgrade. One of the major features of the update is ‘Smart Summon’. The feature allows a Tesla car to navigate the parking lot to reach the owner when summoned. 

The Tesla owners now have a lot of entertainment options including Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and Spotify Premium. But the video services are available to the drivers only when the vehicle is parked. While Spotify works all the time.

On how you can avail the update, Tesla says: “To receive this update as quickly as possible, make sure your car is connected to Wi-Fi. You’ll automatically receive Version 10.0 when it’s ready for your car based on your location and vehicle configuration — there is no need to request the update.”


Tesla will now let you sing your heart out with its new feature ‘Caraoke’ – which comes with a massive collection of music and song lyrics. The lyrics are shown on the display so that the Tesla riders can sing along.