Snapchat launches mental well-being feature for users in India

snapchat launches mental well being feature

Sudden impose of lockdown due to COVID-19 has certainly hit the social life of people. In the wake of ongoing pandemic and people not able to socialize, Snapchat has launched a feature to help them with their mental well-being.

Snapchat has launched "Here For You" in collaboration with Mariwala Health Initiative and the non-profit Manas Foundation. The feature is only available in India for now and Snapchat has not made any announcement regarding the global expansion of the feature.

Last Year, Snapchat surveyed to better understand how users understand and experience mental health and its impact on their lives. Most of the people complained about experiencing stress, anxiety, and depression. It also identified friendship as one of the most strong forces to combat these feelings. Many participants expressed their desired to help or understand their friends who may be struggling with mental health issues.

"We sped up the initial launch of Here For You in February because we recognized that in the wake of coronavirus, our global community needed support. We hope that the resources we launch today better empower them to take positive steps forward when it comes to wellbeing," said Jennifer Park Stout, VP of Global Public Policy, Snap.