Pinterest to soon launch ‘Lite’ app to manifest in the markets

pinterest to launch lite app

The most awaited Pinterest Lite mobile app is now accessible to Android users in Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico and Chile which fits in a tiny 1.4 MB. Pinterest app’s size is different in case of Android devices, it is usually large and on iOS it covers 143.1 MB.

A Pinterest spokesperson quotes, “The goal is to bring Pinterest to everyone around the world so they can discover inspiration related to their interests wherever they might be.”

Google also has “Go” branded apps such as Google Go, Gmail Go, Files Go, YouTube Go, Google Maps Go and lastly Google Assistant Go. Few other apps which are branded as “Lite” are Instagram Lite, Messenger Lite, Twitter Lite, Uber Lite, Spotify Lite, Skype Lite, TikTok Lite. Tinder also announced of launching a Tinder Lite app to emerge in the Indian market.

Developing a Lite app is considered to be competitive these days. Pinterest lately announced of its revenue being raised by 199% to $24 million in Q2 and active international users were up by 38% to 215 million from 300 million users. Pinterest gets its major revenue from the U.S. which contributes $153 million of the total $261 million reported in Q2.