Palantir to make intelligence systems for the U.S. Army

palantir wins us army contract

The popular data analytics company Palantir has won a U.S. Army contract worth $800 million. The contract will see it deploy complex battlefield intelligence system for the soldiers.

Palantir and Raytheon were chosen as the top contenders to win the U.S. Army contract that is being seen as “system-of-systems” for the Army. The new system that will be developed by the software company will replace the currently used Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS-A).

The DCGS-A lets users gather and assess the information about the enemy movements, terrain, and weather to create detailed maps and reports in real-time. But for years now, some insiders in the Army and Congress have complained about the system being too expensive and on how system is too hard to use. Palantir’s software could come in at much cheaper and could meet all the Army’s requirements.

It is being said that it is the very first time that the U.S. Army has looked to a Silicon Valley company and awarded it such a big contract. But this isn’t the first time that Palantir is dealing with the U.S. Army. It had previously entered into a contract with the armed forces but nothing at the scale of the newest $800 million contract.