Oppo and Vivo with the Coolest Trend in 2018 – Mechanical Camera Sliders

oppo vivo introduces camera sliders

Oppo’s Find X and Vivo’s NEX are the two new exciting smartphones ready to hit the market with their sliding selfie cameras. The Chinese device makers decide to put in a pop-up selfie camera module, instead of extending the phone to include a notched area at the top of the screen. Vivo’s NEX is designed to hide a periscope-like camera that pops out for selfies, whereas the new Oppo phone elevates the entire top of the phone.

The phone’s physical mechanism responding to an on-screen animation is hardware engineering meeting software design in a harmonious sync. However, the coolness doesn’t seem to win over the comfortableness of handling smartphones available today. With glass on both the front and back of the smartphones these days, including all recent Oppo phones, most people will want to put a case around their device, and the slider makes it tricky. Dust, lint, sweat and many other particles can get trapped inside the sliders which may even affect its sliding smoothness. Also, the phone with a slim sliding part makes it structurally less rigid and more vulnerable to damages when in case it’s dropped.

The biggest of all disadvantages that would upset the camera-loving individuals the most is, it’s impossible to mount-in a high-quality camera between these thin sliders. The best imaging equipment requires depth to fit an array of lenses for high-quality pictures, and Oppo with its new design might fail to assemble a better camera.