Netflix cuts prices for its subscription plans in the Indian market

netflix cuts subscription plansprices in india

Netflix India has dropped prices across its subscription plans in a bid to expand its user base within the country amidst intense competition from Amazon Prime, Disney+Hotstar, and a host of other local subscription videos on demand (SVOD) players within the Indian market.

The video streaming platform Netflix announced a price drop of up to 60% in its subscription services in India. Netflix’s mobile-only subscription plan is now Rs 149/month from Rs 199/month. The most significant price drop is in the video streaming service’s basic plan, costing Rs 199/month instead of Rs 499/month. The standard plan now costs Rs 499/month from the earlier Rs 649/month, and the premium plan is down from the earlier Rs 799/month to Rs 649/month.

The new subscription plans are being termed ‘Happy New Prices’ by the video streaming giant and will come into effect from December 14, 2021.

Netflix’s existing users will be seamlessly upgraded to the higher plan. The next time a user logs into Netflix, they will be greeted by a notification on their devices that will ask them to confirm the upgrade or choose a different plan. For the users subscribed to Netflix’s Premium plan, the change in pricing will come into effect from the next billing cycle.