Microsoft Introduces New Tablet Experience For Windows 10

microsoft windows10 tablet os

A new makeover is unveiled by Microsoft in its tablet experience for Windows 10. Recent developments from the software giant reveal thatthe new design in 2-in-1 PC’s will have close resemblance to existing desktop designs.

At present, Windows 10 has a more tablet optimized User Interface that once switched to tablet mode removes task bar icons and enables Start menu to go full-screen. Some of these features are being rolled back in the new update, keeping a few touch-optimized elements for 2-in-1 PC’s.

In the updated OS, the desktop will remain in the full view, with increased space between the task bar icons and search box that can collapse into an icon. Several new updates are mentioned in this new build including a brand new Cortana experience. 

Microsoft’s rollback from a dedicated tablet experience is evident in Windows 10, But Microsoft has promised that a dedicated “tablet mode” will continue to exist, which can be accessed by the usermanually. As of now,these changes are applicable only to 2-in-1 devices and the dedicated Windows 10 tablets will remain unaffected by this.

But Microsoft is eager to receive a feedback on this update and the Windows tablet enthusiasts can start testing this right away.