A major app developer has been banned from the Play Store

major developer apps removed

A major Chinese app developer is getting the boot from the Play Store. Apparently, the company was found to be committing ad fraud and abusing user permissions. Many of the developer’s apps have been now removed from Google Play Store now.

The Chinese software app developer DO is partly owned by the Chinese tech giant Baidu and has more than half a billion downloads in the Play Store. The fault behavior of the apps by the app developer was first reported by BuzzFeed. The leading news publisher reported that at least six of DO’s apps included a code which made it seem as if a user was clicking on advertisements even when they were not using the apps. Reports had confirmed that 46 of the developers’ apps were removed from the Play Store.

DO gave out a global statement in which they said: “We regret to find irregularities in some of our products’ use of AdMob advertisements. Given this, we fully understand and accept Google's decision. Moreover, we have actively cooperated with them by doing a thorough examination of every app involved.”