LinkedIn constitutes AI academy to educate employees apropos AI technology

linkedin forms ai classes

Linkedin will begin artificial intelligence bootcamp solely for its employees. The classes will initialize with engineers, product managers, and executives and the firm has come up with this idea so that every employee can get educated with AI and develop more softwares and products.

Classes will be held in four levels; each one will be deeper than the previous session. After all the sessions, Linkedin wants them to analyse crucial issues of AI. Craig Martell, LinkedIn’s Head of Science and Engineering writes in a blog post about the program that AI is “like oxygen—it’s present in every product that we build and in every experience on our platform.” With that gold rush comes the need for an ethical approach, something you will hear both Microsoft and LinkedIn talk about in any discussion of AI.

Microsoft also has infused AI like Linkedin into many initiatives and it also provides online training program for developers. Every tech company is betting on AI and using top talent for this purpose. Martell says that AI is an effective tool and anyone using it should be well- trained on using it wisely.