Jumbo on iOS boosts your privacy and cleans your social steps

jumbo privacy app on ios

We have so many apps on our device and we’ve given away so much of our private details to them. While the apps promise to uphold our information securely, we’ve still had breaches, leaks, and outrageous occasions like the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Meet Jumbo- a new app on iOS that works as a privacy assistant and removes the guesswork from the privacy settings. If you’re looking to clean up the information-mess you’ve left on social media platforms, Jumbo is the app for you.

Developed by Pierre Valade and his team of six, Jumbo strives to be your digital lawyer! For now, Jumbo’s software manages the privacy on Facebook, Google search, Twitter, and Amazon Alexa. The company plans to add the service to Tinder and Instagram in the near future.

Take for instance the app’s working on Twitter. Link Jumbo and your Twitter account and “start cleaning” will delete tweets for a selected time period. Jumbo deletes the tweets at these time frames and moves them into an archive on the Jumbo app. As part of its efforts to collect as little information about clients as possible, your passwords will be saved on the iOS keychain and not on the app.

However, there are certain API restrictions on these social apps that restrict the number of posts/tweets you can clean at a time. Nevertheless, it’s a good attempt to dust off the never-ending social footprints.