Instagram introduces a button to catch and report fake posts

instagram introduces reporting tool

Instagram rolls out a new button that can help people be aware of fake posts. People can report on “reporting tool” if they have any complaints or come across any misinformation.

The update will be implemented at the end of August as mentioned by Instagram. The complaint will not remove the information but it will definitely be hidden from the “Explore” and hashtag pages in order to stop it from making it public.

If you want to use the reporting feature then you have to press the “Report” button but in addition to this, you will also find “It’s Inappropriate” button where you can click on “False Information”. The complaints will train artificial intelligence tool said Instagram.

It is expected that this tool can identify fake stories before people report about them. Instagram said that this is just the beginning and extensive features will be added to the tool in the future.

The motive behind this development is the increased spread of misinformation across its platforms. The same efforts have been put by WhatsApp too.