Health and fitness apps are in demand despite lockdown

health and fitness apps in demand

People have become more health conscious while at home. So, health and fitness apps found new ways to stay fit indoors. Apps like CureFit and Fittr launched live workout sessions on their apps and also on their social media platforms.

A minimum of two lakh users are participating in the live classes claims CureFit.  “The traction we are seeing for our live classes is even better than we saw in our centres, where 80,000-90,000 people would work out every day,” said Naresh Krishnaswamy, head of growth and business at CureFit.

Apart from classes, CureFit also offers services like food delivery under, healthcare clinics called and mental wellness named  The saddest part for the company is, they had to close down 270 of its fitness centres over nationwide lockdown.

Another start-up Fittr also reports of engaging one to two lakh users every day during its live-streaming sessions on Facebook and Instagram. The company also started 60 WhatsApp groups, where fitness trainers train people. It is soon planning to launch live streaming feature on its app.

In addition to live-streaming, companies are also adding live therapy consultations, teleconsultations with doctors and delivering essentials via