Google releases Jib, a tool to improve java application in softwares

google releases java software jib

Google has released a new tool called Jib, which is an open source tool that will help developers create the Java containers with ease. On the Google blog, Jib is described as a container image builder that is designed to handle steps involved in packaging a Java application into a container.

The new tool will cut down the time in which the Java apps can be put into containers in a very small amount of time. All this can be done without maintaining a Dockerfile with instructions for building a container image or creating a Java Archive (JAR) for all the files associated with an application. Traditionally containerizing a Java application is a tedious task that involves writing the Dockerfile, then run the Docker daemon as root, wait for the builds to complete, and finally push the image to a remote registry. The tool will reduce this requirement by consolidating the process into a single step.

Jib will also take advantage of caching and image layering to speed up the time it takes to release incremental software changes to production. The new open source tool will make software containers and Java work together in a smooth manner.