Google rolls out a new feature for Google Maps- ‘Live View’

google launches live view

Google is introducing walking directions feature to its Google Maps. It is available to Android devices that support system-level for AR and to iOS devices that are compatible with ARKit.

Previously, this facility was available to Google Maps Local Guides and Google Pixel users, but from today it will be accessible to all considering that it will take some weeks to actually activate depending on when the update gets pushed.

The app has not changed apart from the added feature since March which still includes tapping any location nearby in Maps, tap the directions button. While, Live View and navigating to walking will be seen at the bottom of the screen.

The Live View feature was not developed with an idea of keeping a phone while you are walking— it actually shows big arrows and visible street markers that will lead your way. This helps you in unfamiliar settings to reach without any hassle.

This is not the only the expected update; others include a one-stop ‘Reservations’ for your hotel stay and flight bookings. You can work on them offline, this, and a new redesigned Timeline, which is airing on Android devices only, for now, should also be rolling out to everyone over the next few weeks.